Global Recruitment Channels

Global Recruitment Channels (GRC) is a site that provides local recruitment media intelligence on a global scale. You will receive a top list of recruitment and media channels to effectively recruit your target group in one of the 45 countries (recruitment sweet spots) we researched around the world.

GRC classified over 4.000 recruitment media channels, 100+ social media channels, the most important employer benefits, labor market orientation behavior and more to give (global) recruiters the data to attract the best talent in the world.

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To get access we have four arrangements

Access to GRC’s recruitment intelligence of one country for 1 month

250 euros

Access to GRC’s recruitment intelligence of three countries for 1 month

500 euros

Access to GRC’s recruitment intelligence of 45 countries for 1 month

1.000 euros

Unlimited access for a year

2.500 euros

Easy and effectively
    By registering you create your own, instant useable account. 
    Your registration automatically ends after the agreed period. No surprises.
    All updates are free.
    You can easily share and use the data.


Preview: search for finance professional in the United Kingdom with a master/Phd

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